BASC course


(Self – Financing)  – Year of Starting: 1978

This is a unique technical course in Applied Science in Pulp and Paper Technology. It is  the  only  one  of  its  kind  in  India  and  the  graduates  of  this  course  are  in  good demand in Paper Industry in India and abroad.

Started in 1978 with a 3 ½ year duration the course was up-graded in 1989 to 4 years thus putting it on par with other Technology and Engineering professional courses. So far  over  400  graduates  of  this  course  have  already  made  their  mark  in  the  Paper Industry in India and abroad.

Features of the Course:

  • Experienced and  highly  qualified  faculty,  excellent  library and  Laboratory facilities give the students all the necessary skills and training to work in responsible positions in the Paper and allied Industries.
  • Frequent training / visits to the Paper Mills and in-plant training programmes form a part of the curriculum. In addition, the students also have free access to the well-stocked library and sophisticated equipments available at the West Coast Paper Mill’s Research Centre.
  • Compulsory Industrial training for four months, study tour, report writing on a specific project  and  attendance  at Seminars  and  lectures  by  visiting  experts form a part of the course content in order to qualify for the Degree.
  • The Course Syllabus constantly updated. And highlights of the new syllabus are C++, cad drawing, machine drawing, Quality Management Systems (QMS), Printing and packaging, electronics etc.
  • The Pulp and Paper Association (P. P. A) Dandeli.

The P. P. A. is a technical association of the past and present students of the Pulp and Paper Science and faculty members of B.N. Degree College. The Association aims to further the cause of Paper Industry by organizing Lectures and Seminars related to the developments in Paper Industry. All students admitted to the 4-year degree course in pulp and paper science are eligible for membership of the P.P.A.

B.A.Sc. Part – I: First Year

Code No.     Compulsory Subjects

101                 – English Communication

102                 – Physics

103                 – Chemistry

104                 – Mathematics

105                 – Forestry and Wood Chemistry

106                 – Elements of Mechanical Engineering

107                 – Indian Constitution

B.A.Sc. Part – II: Second Year

Code No.     Compulsory Subjects:

201                 – Pulp Manufacture

202                 – Stock Preparation and non-fibrous additives

203                 – Chemistry

204                 – Electrical Engineering & Electronics

205                 – Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer

206                 – ‘C’ Programming

207                 – Mechanical Operations & Process Calculations

B.A.Sc. Part – III:  Third Year

Code No.     Compulsory Subjects:

301                 – Pulp Treatment & Bleaching

302                 – Pressing, Drying & Paper Evaluation

303                 – Chemistry

304                 – Speciality Paper

305                 – Engineering Drawing & Machine Drawing

306                 – Mass Transfer & Fluid Mechanics

307                 – Process Control & Instrumentation

308                 – Industrial Training

B.A.Sc. Part – IV: Fourth Year.

Code No.     Compulsory Subjects:

401                 – Chemical Recovery

402                 – Coating, Printing and Conversion

403                 – Environment Science and Pollution Control

404                 – Business Management

405                 – Process Designing

406                 – Quality Management System

407                 – Project Work

408                 – Industrial Training.